Why commute by bike?

Why commute by bike?

If you feel trapped by your car or public transportation, try bike commuting.  This may seem like an extreme measure, but with every commute it becomes easier.  Regardless of the length of the bike ride, these are my top reasons for commuting.


It saves money:    

When you factor in how much it costs to maintain and save up money to buy a car, pay for parking, deal with tickets or fines, and the cost of public transportation, the percentage of your income devoted to traditional commuting can be quite expensive.

Aside from upfront costs of owning a bike (if you don’t already have one) and the occasional purchases and repairs of bike equipment, bike commuting can be financially empowering.

For the security, freedom and peace of mind, bike commuting can prevent you from going into, and getting out of debt, all the while helping you save for your future.

Money that would’ve have been spent fueling your vehicle or taking public transportation can be better spent on other aspects of your life.


It saves time:  

You already need to get to work or whatever your destination might be, so why not use a bike?   Most people can pedal ~10 mph when they first start out.   I was a slowpoke and could only do about 8 mph when I began commuting.

For shorter distances of less than 5 miles, biking may be faster.  In some instances biking may be slower and this may increase proportionally with the distance traveled, but take into account the time needed to generate income to pay for a gym membership, or for a car repair due to heavy use.

Bicycling can also decrease you dependence on driving and public transportation, both of which can be time drains.

My one way commutes are 20 miles each way, and at the end of summer when I am most physically fit, I can bike this distance in an hour and 35 minutes. I remember driving the same distance multiple times when there has been heavy traffic due to construction, an accident, or an event in the city and it would take me 2 hours to get home.

Where I live, public transportation is highly inconvenient not only due to the schedule at which trains and buses are available,  but also because trains or buses arrive late or are delayed.  With a bicycle, you can bypass this nonsense and arrive at your destination in a very predictable amount of time.


Bus ride vs. bicycling example:

A bus ride will cost $2.25 one way for a 40 minute, 7 mile trip to the train station whereas I can bicycle the same distance.   Assuming my operating cost on the bike is $0.20/mile= $1.40, it only takes me 35 minutes.  I know my route very well and obey the stop sign and traffic signals and have always arrived at the train station within 35 minutes.  Time and money are both saved due to bicycling.


It keeps you healthy:

Staying in shape is easy when you incorporate bike commuting into your daily lifestyle.  It’s cardiovascular exercise, and unlike running, you can coast and take a breather when you need to- all the while traveling to where you need to go.

Your clothes will fit better and your legs and arms will definitely become more toned.  You will have more energy to do things throughout the day.  It improves your mental capacity and mood so that you are able to deal with stress better.

Bicycling also improves your sleep quality by helping you fall asleep faster, giving you a more restful night’s rest to recharge yourself for the next day.


It’s fun

If you didn’t know this, then maybe you should ride a bike and try again.  Naturally, if you enjoy bicycling, then you will enjoy bike commuting.

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