Where are you located?

Chicago, IL


Who are you?

I’m Olivia, a scientist in the biotechnology industry, and when I’m not working, I’m usually on my bike.  I bike commute through the city of Chicago and from Chicago to the northern suburbs where I work. I am easily frustrated by driving and public transportation and discovered that using my bicycle was liberating.


Are you knowledgeable about biking?

I didn’t start biking as an adult until the fall of 2011 when my old Jeep was having repair issues.  I know that I have ridden at least a 2,500 miles since I have tracked some of my rides through various cycling apps, but the majority of my rides are not recorded since I enjoy just hopping on my bike and not my stats.   My work commute is very far and I have ridden in rainy and snowy conditions and extreme heat and cold. I’ve learned so much about riding and continue to learn.  I feel that it is important to share my experiences so that others can learn as well.

I would consider myself more of a bike commuter than a “cyclist”.  I enjoy recreational rides, but I really enjoy my bike for utilitarian purposes.  I’ve traveled to Portland and Amsterdam, so I’ve seen how great cities can be when they include bicycles.

I have experience bike commuting within the city of Chicago and also from Chicago to the northern suburbs.


Why did you make this website?

My husband inspired me to make this website so that I could share my unique experiences.  When I first started bike commuting in the fall of 2011, I found it difficult to find information related to the logistics and practicality involved for a daily commuter.   I hope to inspire others to use their bicycle as a means of transportation by sharing my personal experiences as a no-nonsense bicycle commuter.  As a female, I think it’s time for more ladies to try bike commuting.


How far do you ride?

The distance I live from work is 20 miles one way, but I will usually take the train to break up the ride 10 miles one way.   In August of 2013 I was able to bike to and from work every day for 2 weeks and covered 600 miles.  I also use my bike to commute to the hair salon, go grocery shopping, and run errands in the city.

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