What do you need to commute by bike?

What do you need to commute by bike?

You’ll only need a few items:

– Bike

– Helmet

– Backpack or bag to hold items

That’s it. No need for fancy apparel, clipless pedals,specialized bike shoes, or a super high end bike and expensive panniers.   More expensive items can help, but with time you will eventually figure out what is best for your commute.

Starting out, I used old gym shoes and athletic wear for my workouts, and a hybrid bike that I purchased on clearance.  I used a helmet that I already had, and a backpack to carry my change of clothes, lunch and purse for the workday.   This was sufficient for my 10+ mile commutes to and from the the train station.  Years later, the only thing different is my helmet which had to be replaced since it was getting nasty.

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